Facades, objects and building parts unmistakably show the condition in which they are. Problems, damage and weathering are almost always caused by moisture in combination with defects and long-term chemical processes, before this can be seen by the naked eye. A good diagnosis determines the problem, determines the necessary moisture control and serves as a means of control for the work carried out.

We specialize in investigating moisture problems and can be one of the few organizations to translate this into effective moisture control, where we can issue long-term guarantees.

The diagnostic plan is a research methodology into the causes of problems and effectiveness of any measures taken. Unique of the Diagnostic system is that in addition to the signal function, the condition of an object can also be determined. This is important both for solving problems and for determining the service life, the maintenance needs, setting priorities and / or preventing problems. With non-destructive measurements, the problem areas are first determined. After that, with additional research and chemical analyses, the harmful influences, the consequences and the starting points for priorities and effective moisture control are used.