Affected stucco

With affected stucco, there is often an underlying moisture problem. When moisture transport in a construction, salts are always transported. These outgoing salts sooner or later lead to damages because they leave the structure. In case of stucco, the salts press the finishing layer of the wall.

In some cases, there are no moisture problems, but the cause is the composition of the building materials that have been used. Locally, the salt concentration is so high that the stucco lets go.

The solution for affected finishing layers is to apply a Dry Seal sanitizer, whether or not in combination with a solution against the underlying moisture problem. Our sanitizing plasters are applied in two, three or four layers to a clean surface. These sanitizers consist of mineral raw materials and are vapor-permeable and moisture-resistant.
Dry Seal can be applied to hydrostatic, capillary, positive and negative moisture loads.

A big advantage is that the remediation plaster can be applied to concrete, masonry and salt-loaded surfaces.