Concrete damage

In many cases, the degree of deterioration of the concrete is much greater than the damage picture shows. The natural protection of concrete, the high Ph value, decreases as a result of carbonation, chlorides and/or pebble-gel formation, which can cause reinforcing steel to rust and large concrete parts of the structure to be pressed.

In practice, the damages are clearly visible at balconies, galleries, etc. Often rusting can be detected and crumbling concrete is visible at corners and sides.

Concreton Mineral Concrete Remediation, is an integral mineral concrete repair system, where the concrete surface over the entire surface is checked for (hidden) damage and where necessary repaired with mineral mortars. By combining product development, training and moisture-resistant techniques with our own trained specialists, we have the best ingredients to effectively clean objects and to protect them permanently against damage. Concreton is used in swimming pools, balconies, galleries, tunnels, viaducts, reservoirs, car parks and industrial floors. More documentation can be viewed during downloads.